Colored Glasses

Carol Duboc Colored Glasses

Colored Glasses

Carol Duboc once again collaborates with 8 time Grammy Nominee and jazz keyboard legend, Jeff Lorber, on her upcoming release Colored Glasses. This is a funky and more upbeat follow up to her previous release, the chart topping Smile. Accompanied by some of the best musicians on the planet; Grammy Award winning drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Bassist Jimmy Haslip, Flutist Hubert Laws and saxophonist Eric Marienthal, Duboc’s new release is soulful and heartfelt. A cross between Sade and Michael Franks with a hint of Earth Wind and Fire.


Her seventh album is bolstered by collaborator Jeff Lorber’s R&B rhythms.

Los Angeles, California (30 July 2015): On Carol Duboc’s deeply personal 2013 release, “Smile,” the contemporary jazz singer-songwriter opened up in a way that she had never done so before, revealing the pain and heartache involved with dissolving her marriage while being the mother of a young daughter. She described writing the album with producer and jazz keyboards legend Jeff Lorber as therapeutic. Her therapy continues on “Colored Glasses,” a Gold Note Music ten-track disc written and produced by Duboc and Lorber set for release on September 18 and launched that evening with a Hollywood concert date that will be streamed online. Read more»

Review, Midwest Record

“CAROL DUBOC/Colored Glasses: The gal with the impeccable songwriting chops hooks up with some jazz pals with their own impeccable chops for a ‘one for me’ set that doesn’t aim for the top of the charts in a blatantly commercial way but by going through your heart. An atmospheric lite jazz date with the cats on board that invented the genre and steered it before ball less radio programmers turned the sound into a mirror image of them and killed it. Sort of a throwback to the days ears first turned to and enjoyed lite jazz, this is a welcome workout for all involved. Remember when adults still enjoyed discovering new music? H’yar tis one more time.”