Critical Jazz: Carol Duboc Smile

Duboc is one of the finest vocalists working the smoother side of the jazz street. Duboc lets Smile street on Mother’s day as a digital recording and then we are treated to the physical release on May 21, 2013. A few friends drop by to make this more of a jazz collective then a modern contemporary recording. This collective includes a gentleman I had the pleasure to conduct an email interview with in Jeff Lorber, and Brian Bromberg drops by for a little upright bass work guaranteed to blow your mind. Hubert Laws, Luis Conte and Michael Thomspon also stop by to add some jazz nasty to a near perfect release for the 2013.

On a multi-faceted recording full of texture and painting from a vocal color palette, Dubuc who has written for such luminaries as Patti Labelle, Chante Moore and Stephanie Mills knocks one out of the park proving her compositional powers go much deeper than the lame pop oriented r&b tunes the vast majority of us are treated to in the realm of contemporary jazz. Duboc co-wrote all but one song. Along with upright bassist Brian Bromberg, Jimmy Haslip gives an all star performance along with Jeff lorber. Flutist Hubert Laws adds his brilliant performance to all but three tracks on smile.

The vast majority of the recorded is done live to give an organic and warm feel missing from the majority if today’s recordings. A rare recording with special inspiration and a soul full depth of field often missed by similar talent.

The closest release to perfect I have heard in some time. 4.5 Stars.

Elephant; Smile; Unpredeictable; Telepathy; Atmosphere; Bhind a Kiss; Gliding; Nobody knows; Mythological.