The World of Smooth Jazz and Smooth R & B

Carol Duboc is back, and on August 19, you will be able to pick up her new release, Open The Curtains. This will be her ninth release, and she has enlisted some great musicians for this project. It also does not hurt that this is an all-female band!

Patrice Rushen – Keys
Queen Cobra – Drums
Rhonda Smith – Bass
Sheila E – Percussion
Mindi Adair – Sax
Bibi McGill – Guitar

If I had to describe the sound, I would say vocal lounge jazz with some R&B sensibilities.

The album starts off well with Pieces. This is more of an uptempo track, just perfect to start off a live set. Feeling Good is up next, and as far as remakes are concerned, this is a welcome change of pace, as other covers of the song try to replicate the iconic horn parts. Duboc makes this song her own with this arrangement.

The title track is a mid-tempo affair, with nice melodic harmonies provided by Anna Duboc and Ava De La Cruz. Patrice Rushen tops off the track with a nice piano solo that definitely makes you take notice.

The Patrice Rushen influence is back a second time with Forget Me Nots. A great song is one that transcends genres, and if you have never heard the original, you would still like this version.

Faces is perhaps the funkiest track on the album, and it has an Erotic City feel to the track. I was actually caught by surprise by the groove. I am sure Sheila E had a hand in this, as I envision Faces as a closing track in a live show. This will definitely end the performance on a high note!

Precious is a track that may sound familiar. This is a song originally written for Chante Moore, for her debut album by the same name. While the arrangement is on par with the original, I love the “live” feel to this one. Mindi Abair has her hands, or I should say – her horn, all over this one, and this track is a highlight of the album.

Overall we like this album. Jazz music is unique, and the best artists lend their style to the genre. Carol does this wonderfully, and if this is the first time you have heard of her, it will make you want to listen to her other offerings.