JAZZ PREVIEW.COM, Bruce Pulver “Be Aware! Once you press “Play”, you will want to listen over and over.”

Be Aware! Once you press “Play”, you will want to listen over and over. Other CD’s in your collection will get jealous. Carol Duboc has created something special with her latest release “All of You”. Listen carefully, you will hear offerings of old and new. “All of You” quietly sneaks up and taps you softly on the shoulder.

This music is fresh and clean and never in a hurry. I say there is quite “simply” a lot going on here. You will like every song. Carol totally “uncovers” the cover tunes with fresh, soulful arrangements. Just sit back and listen to Sunny, Ain’t No Sunshine, Every Breath You Take, Use Me, Spirits in the Material World, Blackbird.

They are all done in a way you won’t expect. Carol’s original compositions compliment nicely and display her talents. More Originals please! I especially like “Drowning” and Land Richards’ brush work. He creates a nice flowing stream of water that could drown any listener. I predict you will listen to “All of You” with a book by the fire in Winter, morning coffee at the beach during Summer, with friends and dinner on the deck, you can’t go wrong. Listen and get ready to relax.

This is music without a mold and that is what I like about it. Quickly something about the instrumentation, Fender Rhodes, thanks for the “old school” sound. Upright bass provides the perfect bottom deeper than the ocean. Good drumming is “felt”. Well done!!! This CD has earned a place in my collection. Smooth Jazz? Maybe, but look out for the curves. They will pleasantly move you.

Thanks Carol!

ABYSS JAZZ MAGAZINE, Rachelle Bivins “With a seductive romantic and velvety voice that is absolutely irresistable..”