JAZZ PREVIEW.COM, Karl Stober “Seduction of voice is so very effective when done with a unique style…”

Seduction of voice is so very effective when done with a unique style and made to seem effortless. Independents seem to have that vital combination for the free spirit is alive and well within their soul. Carol Duboc is no exception with her sultry mode of expression and a deep dramatic performance rekindled from within her heart, a wonderful talent exists and is allowed to be released. Such is witnessed in her new release from Gold Note Music, simply entitled “All Of You.”

Make no mistake, Ms. Duboc is on her way to be a class vocalist in the genre, the proof of that is launched from her performances as she continually fine tunes her gift. There is a blues feel to many of the cuts on this project however it is highly noticeable in “Use Me”, that passion bleeds from each note set free. There are subtle pauses throughout the delivery of certain cuts which add to the ambiance of Ms. Duboc’s effort. Very effective touch.

In need of indulgence, acquaint yourself with Ms. Duboc’s interpretation of the Beatles “Blackbird”, such moods don’t just happen, they are created with planned execution! This as well as the other pieces define this project as the placid side of Ms. Duboc.

The arrangements on this project also allow the listeners to visit a different look at Ms. Duboc’s talents. Far removed from her other projects, this has a strong scent of simplicity, which is welcomed by many who grasp the “All Of You” happening! “All Of You” is just what it says, it’s all for you!.