Smooth Jazz Europe: Colored Glasses

By Patrick Van de Wiele

Her seventh album: Two years ago, I reviewed Carol’s album ‘Smile’, that she made together with Jeff Lorber. Now they have again co-written and co-produced 10 original songs, and next to Lorber, who handles all keys, piano and bass, Vinnie Colaiuta plays drums, and Jimmy Haslip electric bass. Carol went through divorce and continues to write therapeutic tracks, as her ex was hiding behind “colored glasses”. She admitted “Some people refuse to see the world as it really is or life as it is, and to be honest, I was so caught up in the hypnotic love that I didn’t see things as they really are either,”, who titled the first single and opener ‘Hypnotic’. “I think this album is going to surprise people. It’s about letting go completely and moving on emotionally. And it may be the funkiest solo record I’ve ever made.” Eric Marienthal plays sax on this track. Hubert Laws can be heard on flute on ‘Celestial Skies’. On ‘Every Shade Of Blue’ she’s backed by a lot of horns. ‘Wavelength’ is a danceable track, and is about communication between partners. The video was shot on Venice Beach. Then it’s time for romance on ‘Breathing’, followed by the up-tempo ‘Trajectory’. ‘Spinning’ slows down the rhythm, while the title track contains her experiences with her ex. On ‘Walking in My Sleep’ the atmosphere is mellow, while the jazz-funk reigns on ‘Code Red’. Lorber is a perfect addition to Carol’s voice and from their collaboration sprang beautiful music.